The discussion of electricity and its environmental consequence is an intricate one. But it is clear that we all need to use less energy. We advise our customers about energy efficient options for their project and recommend solutions to existing energy inefficiencies we encounter. All of our work complies with California's building efficiency standards (Title 24) to reduce energy consumption.

As a recognized Green Business of Marin we have committed to and continue to implement numerous practices to lessen the various environmental impacts of running a business day to day.

Some are specific to our industry such as the proper packaging and recycling of hazardous waste such as fluorescent bulbs and electronic equipment. The state now requires that all fluorescent bulbs be properly recycled not put in the trash. We take care of that for you. For more information on the proper disposal of fluorescent bulbs and to find out how to recycle just about anything visit

Others involve minimizing the waste generated by our office. We utilize digital files, and when a hard copy in necessary, implement double sided printing for all in house documents. We use Strathmore papers for all our paper needs. Strathmore paper is a recycled content and cotton blend paper that uses less water and energy to produce as well as takes pressure off of forest resources.

In our office we use only laptop computers and inkjet printers as they consume 90% less energy than standard desktops. And they use NO energy when they are shut down, as is our practice when they are not in use.

Outside the office, we subscribe to receive Spare the Air alerts for the bay area. On those days, we try to do our part and limit our trips for materials. But we also try to reduce our emissions everyday of the year by planning our trips and jobs efficiently and incorporate carpooling for our employees.

By practicing the 4 R's. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.and Rot (yes, Rot!) in all areas of our business we can lessen our footprint tremendously. Beyond the business, we are parents, and consistently strive to make responsible and environmentally minded choices for our children and ourselves.
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